Invitation to broadcasters and cable distributors and all other interested persons to submit suggestions for the drafting of additional regulations

In the following period the Republic Broadcasting Agency intends to adopt additional regulations in the area of cable broadcasting and advertising, in line with its legal competences.

We are thus inviting all broadcasters, cable distributors, journalist organisations, professional associations and all other interested parties to send their suggestions pointing to the main problems and their solutions that specifically need to be regulated in the bylaws.

The email address to which you may send your suggestions regarding cable broadcasting bylaws is as follows:

The email address to which you may send your suggestions regarding advertising bylaws is as follows:

After collecting the opinions and suggestions the Republic Broadcasting Agency will publish draft proposals and suggestions, which should serve as a basis for the drafting of bylaws, before whose adoption public hearings will be organised both with the proponents and those to whom these rules will apply.

Please submit your data (name and surname, contact phone and email address) when sending your comments and suggestions. Your data is needed only for the purposes of preparing draft bylaws and as such will be known only to the Agency.

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