Press Release after the Council meeting dated 12 September 2008

At its regular meeting, the Council of the Republic Broadcasting Agency considered today the report of the Supervisory Measurement Centre of the Republic Telecommunications Agency on the basis of which it adopted a decision on the prohibition of programme broadcasting and a decision on the initiation of offence proceedings against 35 radio stations and 4 TV stations broadcasting programme without a license issued by the Agency.

The RBA and RTA services will continue to supervise the unlicensed RTV programme broadcasting in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and decisions on broadcasting prohibition will be adopted and offence procedures initiated against those RTV stations that continue to broadcast programme without the Agency's license.

The RBA Council adopted at its meeting decisions on the pronouncement of two reprimands and one warning to the broadcasters that had violated the General Binding Instruction for conduct during pre-election campaigns for presidential and for local, provincial and republic elections in 2008.

In line with the Broadcasting Law, the warnings will be published in a timely manner in the media.

12 September 2008

Republic Broadcasting Agency
Council President
Bishop of Jegar, Porfirije (Perić), PhD

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