Decisions on status changes/changes in ownership structure

In accordance with Article 89 of the Law on Electronic Media, a license issued based on a public competition is non-transferrable, except in case of status changes of the license holder, in terms of the law regulating the status of companies, provided it does not lead to the undermining of media pluralism in terms of regulations governing media and public information.

A license issued can be transferred to another person upon request, only if such person accepts all the obligations arising from the license.

The transfer can only be carried out based on a document prepared in writing, subject to prior approval of the Regulator.

The Regulator publishes the data on the approvals issued on the documents on its website.

The holder of a license for media service provision must previously notify the Regulator in writing of any change in ownership structure in registered capital (change in the founder or change in the founders’ stake in the capital).
If the Regulator determines that the planned changes in ownership structure of stakes in registered capital could lead to media pluralism being undermined, the Regulator will recommend that the holder of the license for media service provision align the changes in order to avoid such a situation.

If the holder of a license for media service provision does not comply with the recommendation of the Regulator, which results in some of the situations that undermine media pluralism envisaged by law, the Regulator revokes the provider’s license in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Electronic Media.

The document regulating in detail the content of the application for issuance of approval of the deed of transfer of licenses as well as the content of the notification of change in ownership structure in registered capital, is the Rulebook on the Procedure for Issuing Approval of the Deed of Transfer of Licenses for the Provision of Media Services and on Handling Notifications of Change in Ownership Structure

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