Public competitions for the issuance of licenses for media service provision

The license granting the right to provide television broadcasting services and radio media services via terrestrial analogue or digital transmission is issued based on a public competition.

Prior to announcing a public competition, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media collects data about the availability of radio frequencies for the purposes of terrestrial analogue transmission from the regulatory body in change of the field of electronic communications and the availability of places in the multiplex for the purposes of terrestrial digital transmission from multiplex operators.

The advertisement announcing the public competition for the issuance of licenses is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia and on the Regulator’s website, and contains the name of the document determining the requirements and criteria for obtaining a license, the coverage area for which the public competition is announced and the allotment, information about the amount of the annual fee for the obtained right to provide media services, information about the annual fee for multiplex access and information about the amount of the annual fee for the use of radio frequency if the license pertains to media service provision via analogue transmission, the deposit amount and time limit for submitting applications to the public competition along with the prescribed documentation, which cannot be shorter than 60 days from the day of announcing the public competition.

Archive of Public Competitions for Media Service Provision

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