Decisions on license revocation

In accordance with Article 100 of the Law on Electronic Media, the license ceases to be valid even prior to the expiry of the period for which it was issued, if:

  1. the media service provider notifies the Regulator in writing that the provider no longer intends to provide the media service;
  2. it is found that the media service provider stated inaccurate information in submitting the application for the issuance of license in the application or in the documentation submitted along with the application;
  3. the media service provider did not begin providing the media service within the time limit prescribed by Article 98 of this Law;
  4. the media service provider does not provide the media service in a period longer than 30 continuous days or 60 days with interruptions during the calendar year, unless the interruptions were caused by force majeure;
  5. in a period longer than three months, the license holder does not meet the prescribed minimum technical and organisational requirements for media service provision or does not ensure high quality signal coverage in the coverage area, in accordance with this Law;
  6. the media service provider breaches the provisions on the protection of media pluralism envisaged by this Law, as well as by the law regulating the field of public information and media;
  7. the Regulator, following the implementation of the procedure in accordance with this Law and regulations adopted based on it, imposes against the media service provider the measure of license revocation due to breach of obligations or due to non-compliance with the requirements envisaged by the license;
  8. the provider also does not fulfil the obligation of paying the media service provision fee within the subsequent appropriate time limit;
  9. due to changes in the ownership structure of the media service provider, following the issuing of the license, it cannot be established with certainty who has control of the media service provider in terms of the law regulating the area of protection of competition;
  10. the license holder undertakes the legal task of transferring the license, contrary to the provision of Article 89, paragraphs 1-3 of this Law;
  11. other situations prescribed by this Law materialise.

The issued license ceases to be valid if the natural or legal person who is the license holder ceases to exist



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