Decisions on the issuing of licenses

In accordance with Article 103 of the Law on Electronic Media, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media issues licenses granting the right to provide television media services with free access, as well as radio media services with free access, via terrestrial analogue or digital transmission. 

The Regulator adopts more specific rules determining minimum requirements - technical, organisational and programming - that applicants to a public competition or holders of a license for the provision of media services must meet.

The advertisement announcing the public competition for the issuing of licenses is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia and on the website of the Regulator.

The Regulator publishes a list of persons that have acquired the right to provide media services, in the manner defined in the public competition advertisement published.

Once the regulatory body for electronic communications submits to the Regulator a license for the use of a radio-frequency referred to in paragraph 7 of this Article, or following the submission to the Regulator of a contract on multiplex access, the Regulator issues a license for the provision of media services that is entered into the Register of Media Services maintained and regularly updated by the Regulator.

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