The scope of work of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media, based on Article 7 of the Law on Electronic Media, includes: 
1)    Defining guidelines for the development of media services in the Republic of Serbia;
2)    Adopting the Statute;
3)    Adopting the financial plan;
4)    Issuing general bylaws prescribed by the Law;
5)    Issuing licenses for the provision of media service of television and radio linear media services (hereinafter: the license);
6)    Regulating in detail the requirements and criteria for licensing in accordance with the provisions of this Law and prescribing the form and content of the license;
7)    Issuing approvals for the provision of media services upon request and specifying the requirements and criteria for issuing approvals;
8)    Maintaining the Register of Media Services and other records in accordance with this Law;
9)    Overseeing and supervising the operation of media service providers and ensuring the consistent application of the provisions of this Law;
10)    Imposing measures against media service providers in accordance with this Law;
11)    Deciding on complaints in connection with the programming activities of media service providers;
12)    Providing opinions to the competent government authorities in connection with the accession to international conventions related to the field of media service provision;
13)    Initiating the adoption and amendment of laws, other regulations and general enactments for the purpose of efficient performance of duties within its scope of work;
14)    Conducting analyses of the relevant media market, in cooperation with the authority responsible for the protection of competition and in accordance with the methodology prescribed by the enactment passed by the Regulator;
15)    Conducting research of the needs of media service users and protecting their interests;
16)    Cooperating and coordinating its work with the authority responsible for electronic communications and the authority responsible for the protection of competition, as well as other regulatory authorities in accordance with this Law; 
17)    Encouraging the preservation and protection of the Serbian culture and language as well as the culture and languages of national minorities;
18)    Promoting improved access to media services for persons with disabilities;
19)    Encouraging the development of creative production in the field of radio, television and other audiovisual media services in the Republic of Serbia;
20)    Promoting the development of professionalism and high level of education of employees in the electronic media in the Republic of Serbia, as well as improvement of editorial independence and autonomy of media service providers;
21)    Regulating in detail the requirements for providing video sharing platform services;
22)    Adopting the Code of Conduct for the members of the Council and
23)    Performing other duties in accordance with the Law.

The Regulator performs the duties referred to in Paragraph 1, points 4), 5), 6), 7), 10) and 21) of this Article as entrusted duties.

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