Sound volume during TV signal reception

Due to a large number of complaints of citizens concerning inappropriate sound volume in TV signal reception, the Republic Broadcasting Agency sent a request to the Republic Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL) to measure the sound volume of broadcasters with national coverage and those in the territory of Belgrade.
The citizens complained that the volume was especially high during advertising slots, so the RRA’s request was to determine the difference in the sound volume between advertising slots and the rest of the programme content.
According to the RATEL’s measurement, it was determined that the sound volume during advertising slots of almost all national broadcasters and the TV broadcasters in the territory of Belgrade was higher than in the rest of the programme and that the total sound volume permitted (±50kHz) was exceeded by as much as 30% in some cases.
The measurement covered the programmes of two public services – TV RTS 1, TV RTS 2, national broadcasters – TV Avala, TV Prva, TV B92, TV Pink, TV Happy, and two Belgrade broadcasters – TV Studio B and TV Metropolis.
The Republic Agency for Electronic Communications ordered some broadcasters to rectify without delay the irregularities detected.
In Belgrade,
19 September 2012
Department for Public and International Relations
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